About Wilkins Construction Ltd.

Wilkins Construction Ltd. (WCL) is a Vernon based business that serves Vernon and surrounding communities. We provide residential and commercial construction services ranging from site preparation to finishing stages.

It takes a strong team to build a quality project portfolio. We credit much of our success over the years to the superior work and products we have received from our subcontractors and suppliers.

This top quality work didn’t just happen: it’s the result of our investment in long term relationships with all of our construction partners. We work hard at maintaining our relationships with subcontractors and suppliers by:

  • involving our trades at the earliest possible stages of the planning portion of the project;
  • providing clear direction on projects and excelling in planning and management;
  • using established procedures to ensure trades comprehend the scope of their work and their interface with other trades;
  • ensuring trades receive prompt payment and fair treatment, and,
  • asking for continual feedback from subcontractors, via project completion surveys, to ensure our relationship is as good as it can be.

The construction industry is demanding…Timelines are tight. Competition is fierce. Technology and processes are constantly evolving. Clients have precise needs.

It’s for these reasons that Wilkins Construction Ltd, thrives as a Canadian building contractor.

We accept every challenge and view them as opportunities for growth and professional advancement — for our company and for our clients.